Marissa + Casey

I am often asked how we are able to deliver our images so quickly to our beloved couples. Our average is 7 days. The answer is simple: we keep the number of weddings that we accept each year incredibly small so that we can devote ourselves entirely to our people. There's no long list of events numbered and waiting for the never-ending editing pile. Not here. Instead, we all gather around our computers and relive the awesome memories of the day together, right after they happened. Because that's when the echoes of the day are still loud in our hearts; when we can still smell the flowers and hear the friends all singing/shouting along to the last song of the night. The magic is still palpable, the images, fully awake and alive. We are wedding photographers, but we aren't really wedding photographers, and if you understand what that means, then you understand why, of course we average one week delivery time.

We couldn't have it any other way.

These are your moments, the memories that will outlive us all, and they deserve to be treated like the most important photographs in the whole wide world. Because the thing is, we believe a hundred years from now, someone's grandchild's grandchild will stumble upon your wedding book, and in that moment they will feel, without any doubt, they actually are.  

Photography // Thomas Gardella and Melissa Trudeau for Michelle Gardella Photography

Venue // Battello 

Makeup // Nicole Sievers

Hair // Jenny Neufeld 

Floral // Karma Flowers 

Dress // Kleinfeld

Band (side note, Thomas says it's the best one EVER) // Silver Arrow Band

Video // Shark Pig