Four minutes ago, it became my 36th birthday. And I can promise you, never in my life have I felt so ready for what is to come. 

There is always a tremendous amount of uncertainty when thinking about the future, but I hope there are things that remain unchanged. I initially wrote this as a list of things I hope to do this coming year, but then I realized, you know what? I already am. And going back and changing the, 'I hopes' and 'I wills' to 'I ams' felt so very beautiful. 

My name is Michelle Gardella and I am 36 and, 

I am finishing my novel.

I am devoting myself to physical health. 

I am moving into the home we just bought and filling it with as much love as I possibly can. Roots feel so good. 

I am dedicated to mindfulness and intention. 

I am soaking in every second with my children and continuing to put them first. Sure touring the country promoting myself sounds great, but you know what's even greater for me? Volunteering every other day in my kid's schools and being there to tuck them in every single night. Nothing matters more to me and that's the truth. Nothing even comes close.  

I am in need of the support and unconditional love of friends and family and I do my very best to give it right back. 

I am meeting incredible women at the rivers. 

I love naps. So much. Especially naps with the windows open. 

I love wearing giant XXL sweatshirts around the house every chance I can. 

I hold Thomas' hand in the grocery store even when I wanted to punch him in the eye two hours before. He's my person and that's all there is to it. 

I have no way of knowing what tomorrow brings, but if I can hold on as tight as possible to these truths, I know my heart will be filled with flowers.