Editorial // Organic + Everthine

Years ago, Chelsea, Abby and I got together and did our first editorial shoot. It was the very first time any of us had done anything like it. There were sheep and horses and donkeys. It was fun and easy; no pressure. And I think that's what made tonight so special. It was a return to taking pictures just for the sake of taking pictures with people who are pretty great.

Abby did her own hair. Everthine brought the makeup (thank you Hilary Kuzub!) and beautiful wardrobe styling. I brought my two kids and a bundle of fresh root veggies.

Of course it's awesome to shoot for big magazines and blogs and have a team of 1,000 creatives on set.  But sometimes, it's also pretty incredible to just hang out at a state park with your friends, and return to the simple, understated magic that started it all.

Here's a little preview of my favorites. To view the entire collection, click here to visit the online gallery.



Dresses: Sarah Seven + Claire Pettibone

Crowns: Mignonne Handmade +  Love One Another Project

Sash: Twigs and Honey

Veil: Sara Gabriel

Wardrobe Styling: Chelsea McNamara / Everthine Bridal Boutique

Makeup: Hilary Kuzub / Everthine Bridal Boutique

Model + Hair: Abigail Mary O'Keefe