Silence Between the Notes

I've had this as my email auto-response for this week, but I think it also belongs here...

"Music is the silence between the notes"

 -Claude Debussy

I truly believe what sets me apart from the sea of other photographers is my ability to hear and capture stories that others miss. I teach international photography classes, and speak at conferences around the country, and truly, at the end of the day, the number one tool I encourage others to have is the ability to unplug, and just listen.

So often, though, in today's world, people live glued to their screens. For some, this works. But for me, it would be impossible to be the artist I am, and live in such a way.

In order to continue being the soul-filled storyteller that I am, I have to live a life filled with gorgeous mindfulness and awareness. Tucked in my Airstream in the woods, spending afternoons capturing snails at the lake with my little ones, or morning sunrise walks through path-less forests.

It may seem to have nothing to do with photography, but in truth, it is everything.

I promise that you and your email are important to me. I promise that I will sit down with my warm tea by the lake, and read your words and respond. It just might take a bit longer than someone who lives glued to their phone. My dedicated 'office' hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I answer all messages in the order they are received.

There are people in the industry who tell me I am crazy for running a successful business this way. They say I need to answer all messages within a few hours, and I understand where they are coming from. I do. But for me, the unplugged moments spent in deep and complete reverence of the world around me, are what make me, me. They foster my ability to hear the music between the notes. And I never want to lose that.

If you are looking for someone who is constantly going-going-going and lives on her computer day in and day out, I am not the girl for you. Thankfully, I believe there are no mistakes. That you reached out for a very beautiful reason. And, I am willing to bet, you're one of the ones who totally get it, too.

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