Right Here

We had grand plans. RVs and road maps and tourist traps and the bigest ball of yarn in the world. There were reservations all made, and suitcases packed, and new bathing suits (for the beach on Christmas day of course) with tags just clipped. And then, just a few days before departure, we looked at each other and we were like, "No."

This past year has been complete mayhem. The number of weddings we shot (15 in September alone) had us zooming around nonstop. Each weekend it was a different state, or two or three, and we missed our children and we missed each other and we missed hanging out in our pajamas until 3:00pm.

So we decided that, no, a huge trip was not what we really wanted. What we wanted, and so desperately needed, was three weeks of absolutely nothing. No plans. No to-do lists. No money spending. No running around. Just three weeks of nothing.

I know you already know where this is going.

Those three weeks of nothing turned into three weeks of everything.

Not all days were filled with rainbows and unicorns. Honestly, some days all I felt like doing was crying. Like straight up, from the bottom of my guts, sobbing. But it was precisely what I needed. I needed the space and time to feel, to heal, to just be human and eat pancakes for dinner, and learn to french braid Lily's hair and play board games with Braedon. We all needed this time to just be. Together. Home.

Thomas is getting ready to go back to work in a few days and he asked me tonight, "Do you think we did enough during my vacation? Do you think we should have traveled?"

I hugged him so super tight and assured him, "This has been the best three weeks ever."

I thought my big dream was to travel the country. To go, go, go and chase the warm sunshine coast to coast. To my surprise, I found the sunshine after all.

Right. Here.

(Totally not professional- but I love everything about it- instagram picture from today- by Thomas Gardella)