Stormy Waters Feature

It has been so rewarding seeing how these presets are helping professional photographers up their games. But one thing that also really means the world, is seeing how people's personal photography is elevated. You don't have to be a professional photographer editing clients to want, and deserve, gorgeous images of your own family. 

I truly believe, with all of my heart, that beautiful, rich black and white photos of our children are sure to be treasured for many, many years (and generations) to come.  

Nicole Wise sent me this message, and these photos of her son, and I simply had to share. 

I have tried for well over a year to get featured on a particular photography blog, to no avail, but sure enough this shot won daily fan favorite for today's submissions. The blog writer said that while she loved the portrait, it was the beautiful edit that pulled her in and allowed the boys eyes to tell the story. 
That's what Michelle's Stormy Waters presets do....they pull the viewer in. Hard. They have given my black and white photos a depth and richness they were sorely missing before. 

Before on top, after on the bottom. 

Thank you Nikki! Such a great shot, and I cannot wait to see what other magic you create!