Stormy Waters Black + White Presets // Weekly Feature

We will be driving cross country next week with our little ugly camper, so I wanted to put up the Stormy Waters feature early. 

These beautiful before + after examples are from Rebecca Collegio and she shares, 

These presets are magical! I've never used such easy presets that require so little fussing with to get my vision. These have saved me gobs of time in editing that they paid for themselves in one editing session. The time Michelle has put into creating these is very evident and I can't tell you how happy I am that she's sharing them!

Seeing what these presets are doing out in the world is SO moving! These were created to empower others and to see that it's actually happening makes my heart throw confetti in the air. At first I was super nervous by the response. I worried (a lot) that I wouldn't be able to handle the task. But reading these emails, and seeing how these are really helping people, keeps me going. We are doing it! Eeeeek!