You know that feeling when you wait years for something, and then all of the sudden, it's right around the corner?

Next month I am holding the space for a beautiful gathering of women. Today, I went to visit the space and my heart is nonstop GLOWING. 

The trees, the deer, the super snuggly beds. It is everything I have waited for, and more. I could practically hear Biggie playing with broth on the stove; friends laughing in their pjs around a candle-lit table. 

I took a few photos with my phone, and I thought I'd share them here. Just to commemorate this day. When a long held dream came true. 

If you are called to rejuvenate and reconnect in this heavenly space, there is a retreat booking for May, now. 

I know the beautiful hearts who are  meant to be here with me, will find their way.