Fish, Skin and Sarah

Sometimes, right at the end of a session, with the moon rising bold in the sky, you listen to the primal creative calling that sings like a serpent up the spine.

These river story sessions were born from fishing trips I took with my father as a child. In adulthood, I've witnessed him struggle with addiction and cancer and devastating grief. The dead fish image really speaks to that truth, to our river story as father and daughter, and the human heart that breaks, and heals, endlessly, like a miracle each time. 

I am beyond grateful to beautiful Sarah for trusting me. Not many people would remain calm when they hear me ask my son to grab a dead fish from the water to place on their heart, but she was so radiant and centered and strong. Divine.

I love the silk piece she brought, and while I am certain this is not how she imagined it being used, she didn't even flinch when I told her it reminded me of human skin, and I wanted to explore this theme a bit more. I've been told I'm thin skinned my entire life, and I have come to know the beauty, and profound power, in that. I'd like to think these few images illuminate that personal story a bit. 

Sometimes I fantasize about being an art school student who gets to do all kinds of different things, and tonight was a gift. Sarah allowed me to be that unapologetic artist, and I'll never forget it. 

Anyhow, I am rambling. Tonight feels like magic and my heart feels soaked in the best kind of poetry.