Rockport Beach, TX

This weekend we ended up at the beach. 

These salty-air, wave jumping, crab cake eating, seagull chasing, belly laughing, puffer fish hunting memories will remain with me forever. 

I'm putting these images here for me to look back on. They don't reflect my style or what to expect with a session, but they share my heart. And I think that still matters. 

I don't know if anyone reads blogs anymore, or if everything is all social media now, or what the rules are. I am totally clueless with all of that, to be honest. But I know that if this space is to represent me, then these personal vacation pictures kind of need to be here. These are my people, and grabbing the sheets off the hotel bed to go play at a super windy beach together, well, that's kind of a perfect Saturday night for me. That's kind of heaven.