Melissa - A River Story - Same Night Preview

As I type this, Lily is cuddled against me, sound asleep. I'm often asked why I post previews on the same night, and it's because it's still so palpable to me. Lily's head is tucked into my neck and her curls smell like campfire and sunshine and s'mores. The ends of my sweatshirt are still wet from the river. It's all still right here.

I absolutely fell in love with this family tonight, head over heels, and I think I worked on these images a liiiittle slower than usual because I just don't want the night to end. I loved watching the way Melissa's family loves one another; from the crinkled up noses and belly laughs to the tight reassuring hugs to her husband's hilarious side comments. All of it. And we finished the night with Melissa all bundled up in a sweater her Gram gave her and I'm not sure it gets any better than that. 

I am grateful.