Megan / A River Story

Truth: usually I spend a lot of time on my blog posts making sure the story is cohesive and tidy and just-so. But this River Story™ session taught me so much about finding the beauty in the chaos. About having the chaos be the beauty. 

The waters were flooded and dark and angry. My stress level was much of the same. I got stung by a bee on my left toe, after my boots got flooded, and before I stepped in a pile of spiky burs with just my soaking wet socks on. Nothing went as planned. Lily was there and was feeling sick and snappy. ANNNNND, there was belly laughter, and best friends, and bear hugs, and making it work moments that left me breathless. There was cooperating and team work, and swapping shirts and clothes to get the shot. There were holding hands and deer watching from tall hills and jack rabbits chasing invisible mice. 

The chaos is the beauty. All of it.