Sometimes I feel wordy, and have everything to say all at once. 

And other times I am standing on one foot, in the tiniest sliver of sunshine, balancing on a single truth, ringing through my bones like just one note being played over and over on an old yellowing piano key. 

I am here. I am not dead yet. And in the overly chaotic and crowded room where all of my complexities frenzy about, there is one thing that remains both unfazed and untethered: 

There is so much more for me to do here. 

It's hard to be in this phase of preparation; navigating through all of the muck of the unknown and leaning into healing- it's just is the dirtiest of work. But as long as I can close my eyes and find that single unmoving cell, reminding me that this is not over yet, I'm golden. 

There is so much more for me to do.