Erin // A River Story™

Here is a letter I wrote to Erin the night of her session while the ends of my hair were still wet. 


Beautiful Soul,

Thomas is asleep with Lily and I am sitting here feeling like my head has been cleared of everything and replaced with starlight. 

I truly don't know, sitting here in the dark, if it is possible for you to fully understand just how radiant you are. And it has nothing to do with your past, or anything like that. It's so much deeper, and higher, than any of that. I never understood what people meant when I'd hear them say, "I wish I could bottle up her sunshine," until this very moment. You have a gift, and I am just in awe. 

It's fascinating to me how, if tonight was a movie, it might look more like a comedy than a sacred story, but underneath it all, there was a constant hum of something so powerful and beautiful, and that's kind of how life is for some of us. Things might look hopeless or horrible, or terrifying or hilarious, but just below sea level, all the good stuff glows on, unharmed, unfazed. 

I felt vulnerable tonight. I felt humbled and nervous. And I want to thank you for that. For lighting my creative heart on fire, and trusting that in the end, it would all be ok. Better than ok. 

Here are a few previews, but I assure you, choosing just a few to share with you was close to impossible. These images... I just cannot find words. 

I just want to say, I see you. And I think you are really, really, realllly incredible.