BRIDES Magazine Features

There are many places to be featured in the wedding world nowadays. It seems every minute there's a new blog popping up. But there is one publication that has truly stood the test of time, Conde Nast's BRIDES. 

I have been featured in their pages many times, and every single time it warms my soul. Not because of my ego getting a boost, but because my photography is not what you'd expect to see in such a mainstream place. Seeing my moody black and white river photos in the mix represents, to me, that I was right to not compromise my vision from the start. 

The longest feature I've had in their pages was a lesbian, biracial, Jewish wedding. And you have no idea how happy this makes me. Darn right those stories deserve to be shared. 

Anyhow, I think a lot of photographers believe there's a formula to follow to be recognized or successful. If I do x, and edit like y, then I'll end up at point A, where I dream of being. And I guess that might work for some people, and that's awesome. But these BRIDES features always remind me that it's also perfectly OK to take your own way, and dance to your own beat, too. 

It's just a moment of validation for me, which, as any artist can attest to, feels kind of lovely.