All in.

"...She will need her sisterhood." - Gloria Steinam

A week ago, before the big storm, in the woods of Wimberley, a sold out workshop gathered. We photographed women in rivers, women in the pouring rain, women nursing their babies. We ate made-from-scratch pastries and pizzas and soups and sang songs under the moonlight around a campfire. We supported and empowered and loved. Democrat, republican, foreign and domestic. Cuban and Native American and Chinese and English and French and... 

And after everyone left on the last day, I collected some of the ashes from the fire pit, rubbed a little on my face, and let the energy of it all settle on my skin. 

I don't know much about anything these days; it all feels inside out and upside down and cracked in half. But I promise you this: I believe in the power of sisterhood. 

There have been times when I have questioned my direction. I've wondered if I should just take photos of smiling families in matching outfits and play the game. But this is my calling. This is my heart and soul and inescapable truth. Years ago, I sold everything we owned and traveled this country in a trailer fighting with everything in my bones for the preservation of the female spirit. I filled 100 pages of a hardbound book with faces of everyday female heroines that I absolutely fell in love with. 

I BELIEVE IN US. I do. With every cell in my body and every star in my sky. And now, more than ever before, I am honored beyond words to continue to hold the space for this important and beautiful work. 

In a time of blinding uncertainty, I hold steady in the knowledge that we are unbreakable, as long as we have each other. 

Onward. All in.