Alice + Mark // Yale Engagement Session

When these two adorable doctors said they wanted to explore Yale's campus for their engagement session, truth be told I was a bit nervous. New Haven, CT is not like the forests and rivers I typically call home. But I could tell this location held a lot of special meaning to them, and I trusted that the magic would unfold. Libraries, busy city streets, tucked away archways, and even a sweet little cafe; this afternoon adventure was so much fun, and I am so grateful I stepped out of my comfort zone to capture these memories for Alice and Mark. 2014-06-25_0001 2014-06-25_00032014-06-25_00042014-06-25_00062014-06-25_0007 2014-06-25_00122014-06-25_00102014-06-25_00192014-06-25_00132014-06-25_00142014-06-25_00152014-06-25_00162014-06-25_00172014-06-25_00202014-06-25_00212014-06-25_0022 2014-06-25_00252014-06-25_0024