Printed + Signed

I am in LOVE with the new prints from Artifact Uprising. I am such a picky person when it comes to tangible things, and until these prints nothing felt just right; the paper was either flimsy or foam. But these new offerings are substantial, and thick and divine. 2014-03-27_0006

My kids see me, for hours a day, every single day, on the computer editing and emailing and working and shooting like crazy. To be able to sit with them, at the end of a busy week, and hand them something so gorgeous and say, "Look, this is Mommy's art," means everything. To be able to hold something  signed and dated, in my hands, to see them holding it in theirs, that represents everything I pour into my work, is just  beyond words incredible. And I am certain that each of my clients will have the same experience in their own homes.

Truthfully, it's the moments spent unplugged that matter most in my life, and I am so grateful to translate my art off the screen in a way that feels so perfect.