Krause Springs / Austin, TX // River Story

2014-02-18_0003 I don't drink at all, but I've heard of people who save really good bottles for no other reason than they are really good bottles. They leave them on a shelf and drink them little by little; savoring.

That's how it was with this River Story. I'd edit one image and then close my computer.

When I edit, there's this whole conversation that happens between me and the subjects and ancient medicine women and the waters and a million other luminous things. My editing process is a whole lot of intuitive communion with energy. This session brought me SO much.

These women. These three incredible souls. Janica's mother with her quiet, regal bravery. Little Bailey with her light-filled singing soul. and Janica, bringing her fierce brand of kindness and laughter to the world.

Not to mention, the location, Krause Springs, is in my top 5 most miraculous places I have ever been to. I bet I could find words to illustrate this crazy magical environment, but that's not really fair. I want you to come here, stand in the middle of the wind chime forest, let your legs sink into the waterfall-fed springs, and feel what happens in your own heart. It's in my backyard now, and I truly cannot wait to share it with you!

This morning I finished this session. And even though I am a tiny bit sad to see it complete, mostly I am just so completely grateful for every last drop of pure magic it brought to my life.