To Resolve

I love beginnings. I'm kind of a beginning junkie. So this time of year is always a favorite with the Solstice, and the New year. I spread the previous year out before me, and without undermining the integrity of my gratitude, I begin to map out what lies ahead. I leave the details to the magical winds and mountains and rivers, but always set intentions for fresh starts and new dreams. Resolution holds the root resolve. Moving forward while letting go of what no longer serves...

In 2014 I will have more time to write. I will have more time to tend my truest creative fire. I will nurture my most sacred friendships and welcome new women into my heart. I will make magic in the waters. I will stand in the pouring rain of my truth and celebrate the crown on my head. I will stop restricting myself to a tiny bowl, when I am meant to swim in wild waters. I will swim in the ocean. I will grant my children the freedom to expand, and contract. I will hold the container for my partner's fluidity and embrace the wide open space needed for branches to grow skyward. I will trust. I will let go. I will plant. I will hold reverence for it all.

The journey. Always, the journey.