We did it (and we are far from done) // River Story

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

-Mary Oliver

Six days ago I hit, "Launch," with my pinky. I was sitting at my little Airstream table with Lily standing next to me holding one of my hands, Braedon holding her hand, my Mom holding his, Thomas holding hers, and my other hand holding Thomas'.  One by one, this circle is expanding.

With every single notification that someone has pledged, I hear this whisper wash over me, "I believe." It doesn't matter if it's $300 or $1. The message is the same. "I believe in you. I believe in this. I believe in the rivers, and the wild women, and books. I believe." And it is truly unlike anything I have ever experienced.

This morning, with my loves still sound asleep around me, I turned on my phone. "YOU DID IT!" a friend texted. And all I could think to write back was, "We."

We, this circle of 160 and growing, we did it.

That was five hours ago, and I am still speechless. But like every step along the River Story journey, I trust that there is this other, wordless, Knowing taking place. This morning, just after I saw the message, I went outside and sat under a giant maple tree. Her leaves rained down all around, as I repeated, "Thank you for believing. Thank you so much for believing."

It is my prayer today, that somehow my gratitude will find you, and you will know.

Thank you.

There will be time for new goals, and new achievements, and incredible new bright and shiny things, but for now, in this moment, I just want to ground myself firmly and say, "Thank you."

*Update* people are writing and asking if they can still pledge and the answer is YES. The more we raise, the more women can be reached and the more stories we can share. I wanted to just take a little pause to breathe and send giant waves of gratitude for this landmark moment. Now, let's keep this beautiful flow going! 

(Polaroid Reporter image from our day at the ocean yesterday, by Thomas)