Our Creative Truth // Final Week

“If you are a dreamer come in”― Shel Silverstein

With this Creative Truth project, we wanted to try something a little bit different. "Come as you are.  Your authentic, imperfect, truth is pretty awesome,"  we declared. "The only rule is to tell the truth."

I had no idea what the results would be.

These four weeks have been incredible. Strangers from far and wide wrote, and shared their brave truths. It's been a magical collaboration, and I am honored to have stood beside you all for just a tiny fraction of time on this journey. Creative women linking arms from Dubai, Hawaii, France, Minnesota, Connecticut and on and on... 

Mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, friends. Photographers, painters, poets. Happy, sad, broken, reclaimed. Brave. Beautiful.

Together. All part of this wild and messy creative existence, together.

Thank you. So much.


Janica Boles + Megan Lee

Heidi Ryder + Michelle Gardella

Jennifer Marcuson + Yvette Roman

Melissa Cianciolo + Jean Molodetz

Kathy Glass + Lori Allen

Lisa Hepfer

Jane Ammon + Penny Burns

Kristin Hallak + Raini Castro

Phyllis Meredith + Becki Martin

Lisa Seidel + Taryn Allison

Cassandra Niehaus + Morgan Wade