Indian Island County Park

This weekend we went camping. First time with the new Airstream. It was a total disaster.

36 degrees. Pouring rain. Annnnnnnd the stomach bug. In 25 feet.

These are the only two images I took the entire time. BUT, I am so happy I have these. They are not perfect at all, and I love them so, so, so much.

Yes, I wanted to cry the entire three days (no. for real.), but, when these images are printed and part of our travel album, and ten years from now we are all cuddled on the couch and flipping through the pages, I know the stories that are behind these two captures will be completely PRICELESS.

Thomas running out in the middle of the night to find a 24 hour pharmacy to buy ginger ale, and The Lorax DVD (which we watched 5,243 times). Marge, the sweet lady a few campers over, who rode her bike through the sand, in the rain, with the biggest smile on her face. Learning that yes, we do in fact need stabilizer jack pads because without them if someone rolls over in bed the entire camper shakes like a giant earthquake. The moment we realized, no, we did not pack extra sheets, and, yes, you can wash a baby blanket outside at 3:00am with hand soap and a hose...

Yes, this weekend was kind of a hot mess in many ways. But I promise you, the worst days spent with my little family, are far better than my best days without them.