1-on-1 Mentoring

Three spaces for 1-on-1 Mentoring just opened up in time for Spring. If you are ready to bring your creative life to the next level, I have a seat saved just for you.

// Before I met Michelle, I was living a life that was not fully my own. I was doing good work, being a good woman and mother, and being a good everything. But, I knew I was ready for more than good. I could feel from the depths of me that there was another piece of authenticity that I wanted and that the world around me needed.

I just didn’t have the tools or courage to get there.

Enter Michelle.

As a mentor, she will hold your unique and authentic self close to her heart and will not enable you to operate as anything less than that. She will be a step ahead of your journey and will know when you need a nurturing hand and when you need a tough mama bear.

She is not afraid to challenge you and to hold you to your power even on days when you are afraid or even when it feels easier to exist in your weakness.

She paid attention to the details of my life, from my behaviors, my beliefs, my surrounding environment, and my inner dialogue. And in doing so, she has helped me receive my freedom and has helped me enter in an awakened, productive, and inspired life.

She did all of this with me by holding me to the same standard she holds herself.

Michelle is the real deal.

Her service to your life is invaluable.

-Courtney B. //