Ohm Report - 2

I have one word for you: Ayurveda. This ancient health care system is completely rocking my world. I am veraciously reading everything I can get my hands on and every single page I turn brings a deeper sense of peace, gratitude and understanding of Self.

Here is a link to take a quick quiz to see which dosha you are.

I have a spiritual guide that I see every week, and she once said to me, "When a pilot is flying a plane, and she is navigating her way at night, she looks at a computer screen. That small screen might give her a good glimpse of the information she needs, but the sky and the Universe is so much more expansive than what she has access to see. In life, we often limit ourselves to thinking our options are only what we can see. When we open to receiving, we begin to realize there are things we never even considered that have been waiting for us all along."

When I dedicated six months to the practice of yoga, I had a picture in my head, a screen, of what was going to unfold before me. As I move deeper and deeper into my practice I am starting to experience that huge expansive sky of possibilities, and I am deeply humbled and completely grateful.

Also, here is a picture that I captured of Lily yesterday. She had just woken up from her nap and started telling me the most incredible story about her dreams. She always makes the awesomest expressions.

I don't think the technical light/shadow ratio is perfect, or any of the technical stuff really, but sometimes photography, for me, has nothing to do with the brain- sometimes it's just about capturing what is, exactly how it is, and keeping it close by forever.