Little Things

On the night of their first date, she was wearing a new outfit. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, but the second he laid eyes on her, his heart stopped. It didn't take long for both of them to know this was something special. That night, after they said their goodbyes, Talia folded up her date-night outfit, tucked it away, and swore she would never  ever wash it. She wanted to hold onto the magic, the moments, forever.

On their wedding day, Talia surprised Michael with a heart stitched to the back of his tie. It was made from the fabric of the top she wore on their first date. She wore a matching one carefully sewn to the inside of her wedding dress.

It's the special little things, the authentic pieces of the puzzle, that always make my heart sing. I know that these unique details are the ones that will mean the most 20, 30, 110 years from now.

The vintage elephant pin, worn by her ancestors. The antique charm bracelet passed down through the generations. The hand-stitched hearts, still holding the whispers from the first night they knew.