Real. Life.

I have been teaching the world's most incredible group of soul-shaking students this summer. These women are beyond talented and brave and being their teacher is completely knocking my socks off. I always do the homework along side of them, and this one was on perspective.

Here's what I love about these images: they are real.

Her face is stained and dirty from a day of eating blueberries and making mud pies.  Her handmade crown and secondhand thrift store dress are crooked and sideways and wrinkled. There was no cleaning of the house or moving things around.

As I was folding laundry, I looked over at her, coloring in the middle of the kitchen floor with her baby blanket by her side, and that was that.

Struggling with her tangled curls. Holding up her most favorite treat that she calls "white coke."

These moments are organic, and human and completely imperfect. And that is why I adore them so.

Real life is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. Ever.