Awakening The Spark

Since announcing my DEFINE class, I have received several messages from people from all over. Most of them I wrote back with a friendly/businessy message. Nothing too crazy. Played it safe.

But this response I sent to a beautiful friend. And this is what I really wish I had said to everyone:


Thank you. I honor the courage it takes it reach out.

I have been waiting to write this message until I had quiet minutes alone to gather my thoughts and figure out how to put it  all down in words.

I don't know that I will ever come to that place.

So. I'm just going to do my best, and not keep you waiting any longer.

I have always felt different.  While other young girls were chatting about makeup and shoes I wanted to lay on my back in the grass and talk about dreams and big, beautiful orca whales visiting in my sleep. And I wanted to uncover the dark, dark fears that lurked below my bones.

Then, in my space of quiet knowing, I realized that my tribe does, in fact, exist. We are just scattered like shattered glass across space, scintillating in the sunlight.

Through the graceful and Earthshaking example of Pixie Campbell, I began to see that it is time to bring the pieces together. Time to shake it up and shake it out. Time to laugh and be joyful and really live from the heart! Time to share my light with others so that they can move forward on their own journeys with torches burning strong and bright.

So, I set the intention to teach. To share. To open my heart and show what's inside. The good, the bad, and even the super awful horrible. Also, the humor!

To prepare the material for this class, I have spent hours upon hours pouring over stacks of my favorite books from college, life, and even childhood. Titles encompassing art therapy, spiritual healing, business, power, and love.  I spoke to the people who have helped and inspired me the most, and mourned past beliefs and roles that are no longer welcomed.

I doodled. I painted. I knit and I sewed. I smiled, a lot.

What began as a passion to bring a tribe of people together in the spirit of teaching, developed into a powerful soul thesis. A way for me to see my own reflection more clearly. A dissolution of fear. A learning.

Yes I am a wife, Mother, daughter, artist, business woman, naturalist... But, when I am behind my camera, or holding a paintbrush, or dancing around my dining room, none of those "titles" matter. In the creative space of expression, I am in the company of millions of generations of medicine women. Sacred and safe. Their energy blankets me. Their alligator skin rattles keep the rhythm of my days.

"Live your life out loud!" They sing. "You deserve a brilliant life!"

So this class, it's not about taking pretty pictures. Although that will come. It's about intuition, gratitude, power and connection. It's about living a life filled to the brim with JOY.

It's about believing with all of my heart what Pat B. Allen told me,

"We owe it to the world to be as ALIVE as we can. To give what is unique in us to give."

I would be honored to have you join this circle. Beyond honored.

It would truly be a gift.

Sending so much love,