5 // The Connecticut Sessions

I have BIG NEWS. And I've been waiting for it to feel like the perfect time, or to find the perfect words, but I just decided tonight is the night! Because it's almost my favorite day of the year... MOTHER'S DAY!! 

Ok, here is the big announcement (eeeeeek! My stomach totally just flipped just then when I typed that!!): I am offering 5 River Story sessions in Connecticut at the Salmon River, where it all began. Ahhhhh!! The sessions will be in June and July while we are camping up in New England for 8 weeks. I'm only opening 5 spots, and I thought maybe if you've been called to the rivers, this would make a beautiful Mama's Day gift for you and your little ones.

I am totally rambling because I'm not very eloquent when I'm this EXCITED, but I can't wait another second. 

It's time to open my hands and set this bird free. I just know it. And I truly cannot wait to see who the 5 women are. My heart is pounding.

(I don't know how to make a fancy hipster graphic, but this one made me smile because it took me like 26 minutes to figure out how to make the polka-dotted circle, and so it stays.)