He never (ever) lets me take his photo. When I was 13, you couldn't get me out from in front of the camera. I spent my after school hours making music videos with my girlfriends to really awful Boyz II Men songs. We wore various neon unitards and teased our hair extra high in-between takes. 

I have to bribe Braedon in order to take his picture. This morning, just as we were running (late) out the door to his best buddy's bar mitzvah, I told him that if he let me take some snaps for 3 minutes, he would get to play a video game for 30 when we got back home. Deal. 

I'm not sharing these images to try and win clients, or move anyone to tears. I am sharing them because I love this human being with everything I have, and putting his photo up here is like putting up a piece of my own heart, that is too often, invisible.

I feel like this space is more complete now, with him here.