Joy Prouty // An Austin River Story (Post 1 of 2)

I am always awestruck by the animals and guides who show up for River Stories. Deer, eagles, hawks, salmon, dragonflies, owls, dolphin, pigs, frogs, snakes, thunderstorms, downpours, ice... I believe there are no mistakes, and each visitor serves a divine purpose. So, when we walked, barefoot and brave, down the muddy path to the falls, with rain dripping from our chins, and were immediately greeted  by a regal blue heron, I knew we were exactly where we needed to be. The thing is, a few minutes before, we were in the middle of shooting at the other end of the property when suddenly I was like, "So. We need to move. We need to go to the falls. Now." That bird needed us to meet her.

The blue heron delivers the lesson of finding the balance between relating to others, and standing alone. It's a sacred symmetry, and I don't have it all figured out, but I know this much: I am grateful to walk this journey, hand-in-hand, with Joy, and I know that together, we are certain to fly.




All photos by Thomas Gardella