My Thoughts on Books

2015-02-08_0054 Braedon is writing and making a book. I'll let him share it with the world whenever he is ready, but I want to share this:

His advisor at school asked him to interview people who have also written books, so, this morning I got this email from B:


Subject line: Progect

1.What makes a book good? 2.Whats makes a cover good? 3.What pulls in a reader? 4.Should I include photos? 5.what makes a topic interesting? 6.How much does publishing cost? 7.what are good publishing com.? 8.What is the best type of story's

Here are some of my responses:

1. A lot of people will tell you to consider you audience when deciding how to craft a "good" book, but I don't believe in that, at all. I believe that what the world needs most are artists who are writing unfiltered and undiluted and I can think of nothing that would make a book better than a hearty dose of raw talent and honesty untarnished by the ego. 2. Again, this is totally subjective. Although I would argue that a "good" cover shows the title and feeling of the book clearly, and doesn't scare people away. 3. I'd have to go with my answer for #1. I think what people are most hungry for is honest story-telling and beautiful words. There aren't enough raw writers out there right now. Pull the reader in with your story, and then tell that story with sobering truth. 4. Yes. And maybe paintings. Because you are SO talented. Maybe Lily can do watercolors to match the emotions of your story? 5. Again, I have to go back to #1. Interest is such a subjective thing, and I'd rather you create a book that is meaningful and freaking awesome than one that appeals to the masses and follows all the rules. 8. The best stories are the ones without any bullshit. The ones that you write. Just keep doing what you do because the world needs you, B. FIST BUMP!!!!

And I think I need to share this with you because it reflects a lot of how I feel about photography these days, too. I'd rather you create a photograph that is meaningful and freaking awesome than one that appeals to the masses and follows all the rules. The. End.