The First Five Minutes

Last night I slept with my big-girl camera next to the bed all ready to go. The first little noise she made, I started clicking. This is all part of an assignment for my new DEFINE School class launching in March centered around including our families in our creative process. The first five minutes are when it's all undone and human. The wild hair and the tangled bed and the crinkle-nose yawns. The tear in her special butterfly pillowcase, and the way she pushes down Foxy Loxy's nose and cracks up every time. Her blankey. Oh, her blankey.

It's also when my brain is still soft and fuzzy and I'm closer to the part of my mind that makes unconscious creative choices. No posing. No directing. No moving the pile of blankets (or still-sleeping husband) out of the way.

Life is beautiful enough on its own and I believe in the preservation of the truth. 2015-01-24_00022015-01-24_00032015-01-24_00052015-01-24_00062015-01-24_00072015-01-24_00082015-01-24_00092015-01-24_00112015-01-24_00122015-01-24_00132015-01-24_0015