To be honest, I don't share many of my features on here. Not because I'm not proud, but because I never want perspective couples to choose us because we seem popular in the media. Our wedding images have illustrated two books in bookstores all over the country. We've been in Vogue US and International. But that's not what matters. Those aren't the carrots we chase.

And, that is the last thing we want our couples to care about.

We stand for the preservation of authentic story telling for the sake of posterity, not for the sake of popularity.

OK, that being said, I LOVE these two souls so very much and I am always happy to see their love being shouted from the rooftops. Their wedding left us believing that everything happens for a reason, and what is meant for us will never pass us by. I also love the lady behind Carats and Cake, and am so happy to watch her star rise!



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