Liz & Mark // A Castle Hill Rhode Island Wedding

A little bit of black and white. A few in-between moments, peppered in the silence between the notes. Because those will always be my favorites. 

These days we accept only 5 weddings per year, and my goodness we love our couples with our whole hearts. Just look at this love and JOY! 

Alex & Kira

It's not that I don't love writing or sharing. It's that I don't love being online. That's why it's been awhile since I've shared in this little corner of my world. But how I could I not share some images from last night's magic? 

I always love capturing River Stories, but there's something extra special about capturing one for two people who you love and admire so much. 

I still have river sand in my hair and I'm not planning on washing it out anytime soon. Nights like last night are everything, and I am grateful.