These are the people in my neighborhood

Sometimes, I don’t love living in Austin. The city is a lot. But my goodness, I LOVE the people here.

So the other day I grabbed my camera, because that’s how I love people, and I started snapping. Nothing special, no rivers, no epic over the top emotions. Just my people. They are enough.

And that’s how my new photo essay was born.

I am photographing the everyday people here who have my heart. I accept that the place itself is awful, but the people, my goodness, they don’t get any better.

“These are the people in my neighborhood : Day 1”

Bear Creek 2

Usually my blog is rivers, rivers and more rivers. Because, well, that’s where my soul lives and where I make the art that speaks most closely to my personal story. But then sometimes I gather with some incredible women in an adorable little house in the woods in Texas for a weekend and a giant cold front hits right after a giant flood so the rivers are totally off limits so you dance and play in a field in the rain. And it becomes its own kind of magic.

This is Heidi.

This is Megan.

Bear Creek 1

I am going to share more images from the retreat I just held in November, and I know I should write beautiful things to go with these photos, but I have this thing where I like to let things speak for themselves. It’s no secret that I love to write (my next Kickstarter is coming SO SOON AH!) but when it comes to certain memories, experiences and artwork, I just like to leave it alone and let it emit its own glow, if that makes sense. I hope it does.

Anyhow, here are Sharah and Joah in a warm milk bath. It’s actually coconut milk coffee creamer, and the whole room smelled like toasted almonds.