Fresh air. Friendship. Nourishment for body and spirit. 



Now more than ever before, women need time surrounded by nature to reconnect with their truest selves and their highest potential. Time to retreat from the pressures and outside expectations, to just be with their thoughts, dreams, fellow creative sisters and their art. 

I have taught and mentored hundreds upon hundreds of creative women, and we all, at some point, feel the same way: tired, defeated, afraid, overwhelmed or alone. And I believe, with all of my heart, that the most beautiful balm for this is the combination of sisterhood and sacred space.

I had always longed for a retreat like this. A quiet place where my heart could go, surrounded by giant evergreens and the cleanest air, so that I could just exhale and really listen, once again. It seemed like everywhere I turned, the other photography workshops were focused on how to be more famous, how to be more popular, how to go-go-go, or how to be just like so-and-so, and I was left wishing for a space where I could do the opposite. I longed to turn off my phone, turn off the ego-centered demands of 'business' and reconnect with my purpose, myself, and friends who were doing the same. When I couldn't find a workshop like this, I decided it was time to create one. 

Fresh air. Friendship. Nourishment for body and spirit. 

The Vermont Workshop will be intentionally intimate, with very limited spaces available. We will stay together in a comforting cabin tucked away in a forest (with a river nearby, of course). We will eat the most delicious food, and gather together to celebrate and rejuvenate our spirits. There will be photography lessons, creative handwork classes, journaling, meditation, walks in nature, and campfires under the stars. When you leave it is my most sincere belief that you will feel rested, restored, supported and energized. With hair that smells like pine needles and fingertips still a little sticky with the sweetest Vermont maple syrup, you will feel happy and whole, centered and confident. Ready to do the gorgeous and important work that being a female artist asks of us. 

Why Vermont? Well, it is no secret that years ago I sold everything I owned, moved my family into an Airstream and set out on a big adventure. We left New England in search of something new, and found ourselves settling down in Austin, TX.  We live here now, and we love it here, but there is truly no place like the Northeast. I know that now, without hesitation. Nestled in the mountains, with crystal clear rivers winding through the lush green valleys, the scent of pine and maple cutting through the expansive spaces, there is a very special type of sacred solitude that blankets Vermont, in particular. My memories there, alone and with my friends and family, are my favorites. When I am there my shoulders relax, my heart opens and I feel totally centered and safe and filled to the brim with possibility. That photograph of me at the top of this page, with my arms open wide on a Vermont mountaintop, really says it all. 

It's time to reclaim our spirits, and I am honored to hold the space. I cannot wait to meet you, there. 


I found exactly what I didn't know I was looking for that weekend. I think I was drawn to the retreat hoping to find an impetus for further artistic inspiration. Already being so moved by the art and writing of Michelle, I thought who better a guide for this process than her? I did find this, and so, so much more. I found genuine connection with the hearts of 12 incredible women from 12 different places. I found sisterhood. I realize now, before the retreat I was feeling somewhat alone in my journey in a life as a creative woman. But there in Austin, I found my path converging with all of theirs. As I left that weekend and continued on my journey, I found that now I carry all of their hearts in mine.
-Martina D´Alessandro

It’s been nearly two weeks since I sat by the river with a dozen women from all over the country, sitting in silence and gratitude and unbridled inspiration. And yet still, my words betray me. I’m afraid they always will. 

And so once again, I will start to write, but then stare… and then stop—the memory and the meaning, too rich and overwhelming to reproduce. I am thankful for the quiet gratitude I feel. I am thankful for the flood of emotion that streams through my veins like the river that day. I am honored to have honored the women who got me there. And I’m conscious of the fact that perhaps more than any other reason, I was drawn to the river not out of the need to create but instead, out of my fear of the water. That same water that swallowed me whole as a child, set me free that day. 

And I was left with the only thing I knew how to feel: I belong here.

-Jami Milne

When you find your tribe, you find your power.
— Grandmother Elder


All-Inclusive | $1500

Nonrefundable deposit to hold a space | $500  

All meals + snacks 

3 Nights in a Vermont cabin 

Photography lessons and sessions  

Creative handwork classes and projects

Restorative Mediation


Nature walks

Gifts from our sponsors (all female owned businesses!) including Artifact Uprising

and most of all: Sacred Supportive Sisterhood


This will most likely change, and is just to give an idea of the flow.


3pm        check-in

6pm        dinner

evening   hand craft time followed by campfire


8:30am     breakfast

10am        nature walk in the forest

11am        photography lesson

noon        lunch

2pm        photography session

5pm        dinner in town

evening    editing intensive followed by campfire


8:30am     breakfast

10am        creative activity

noon        lunch

1pm        field trip

7pm       dinner

evening  closing activity


8:30am  breakfast + farewell circle

10am     check out time  


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