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Modern-day, soul-connected, creative women, looking to fall in love with photography, and themselves, all over again.  

I found exactly what I didn't know I was looking for that weekend in Austin. I think I was drawn to the retreat hoping to find an impetus for further artistic inspiration. Already being so moved by the art and writing of Michelle, I thought who better a guide for this process than her? I did find this, and so, so much more. I found genuine connection with the hearts of 12 incredible women from 12 different places. I found sisterhood. I realize now, before the retreat I was feeling somewhat alone in my journey in a life as a creative woman. But there in Austin, I found my path converging with all of theirs. As I left that weekend and continued on my journey, I found that now I carry all of their hearts in mine.
-Martina D´Alessandro

It’s been nearly two weeks since I sat by the river with a dozen women from all over the country, sitting in silence and gratitude and unbridled inspiration. And yet still, my words betray me. I’m afraid they always will. 

And so once again, I will start to write, but then stare… and then stop—the memory and the meaning, too rich and overwhelming to reproduce. I am thankful for the quiet gratitude I feel. I am thankful for the flood of emotion that streams through my veins like the river that day. I am honored to have honored the women who got me there. And I’m conscious of the fact that perhaps more than any other reason, I was drawn to the river not out of the need to create but instead, out of my fear of the water. That same water that swallowed me whole as a child, set me free that day. 

And I was left with the only thing I knew how to feel: I belong here.

-Jami Milne 


All-Inclusive | $1500

Nonrefundable deposit to hold a space | $500  

All meals + snacks 

3 Nights in a cozy home in the sweetest little southern town just outside of Austin, Wimberley, TX  

Photography lessons and sessions

Intensive editing lessons in LR  

Free time to rest in the Texas sunshine

Super awesome gift bags 

and most of all: divine supportive sisterhood 


Currently registering for Spring 2018 


Fly into Austin, TX and then rent a car, or carpool, to sweet Wimberley 


It is has been said that women hold up half the sky, and I believe, with all of my heart, it is time we held up one another as well. I have long been called to bring creative women together to offer the serenity and sisterhood that is needed to do our best work in the world.

This workshop takes it all a set further and goes deep into the heart of black and white photography. 

I'm going to borrow some words from my online class, and blog, to best share my heart:

It is no secret that I am madly in love with the primal nature of things. It sometimes feels like my life is a constant evolution and devolution happening at the same time. The more success I achieve, the more time I need living in a trailer in the backwoods. The more civilized I feel, the more nights I have to spend covered in clay hunched over my pottery wheel. I get a new house, but I throw handmade granny afghans all over the place. I need a new truck, but I buy the used one that’s already dented. I’ll make art, but only if it doesn’t feel trendy.

I have an undeniable need to feel tethered to the past in a way that feels tangible and visceral, while still feeling like I am growing.

This forward/backward simultaneous momentum relates directly to how I have found (am still finding) my way in the world of photography. I enjoy the convenience of digital, but I find that by focusing on as much black and white as possible, it keeps me rooted in a place that feels timeless, consistent, and proven. It feels more intentional and mindful.

Black and white photos are not real. I have never woken up seeing only in shades of grey. Yet, these images, others and my own, feel more real to me than any other art form I’ve encountered. Even when I am looking at an old polaroid with yellowed corners from the 1950’s out of the remote corners of India, I still find pieces of myself in a way I just can’t say I do with color images.

So, by devoting myself to this workshop, I feel like I am both remaining true to what really matters to me, and helping others create photographs that will stand the test of time. 

Photography gives us the ability to slow down our breathing long enough to drink in immortality. When you pick up your camera, or your phone, you are telling death no thank you. You are telling the rules of being forgotten to sit the hell down. You are resetting the privilege of others back to zero and exchanging your negative equity for a fresh start. In art there are no rules, there is only courage. I think it’s time to be brave, then.

Images, especially those in black and white, live longer than our heartbeats, and so, in the spirit of gratitude and the divine promise of our voices echoing in the eardrums of strangers who will sit in similar bone structures 300 years from now, I think the very least I could do was to do what I could, to help.

During our time together, we will forge deep and meaningful friendships and infuse our creative hearts with the best kind of restorative and life-giving wisdom. Local artists, chefs and healers will all be woven-in to share their gifts and support our dreams. 

When you find your tribe, you find your power.
— Grandmother Elder


This will most likely change, and is just to give an idea of the flow.


3pm        check-in

6pm        dinner + yoga

evening   photography lesson/shoot


8:30am     breakfast

11am        photography lesson

noon        lunch

2pm        photography session

5pm        dinner in town

evening    editing black + white intensive


8:30am     breakfast

10am        creative activity

noon        lunch

1pm        field trip

7pm       dinner

evening  closing activity


8:30am  breakfast + farewell circle

10am     check out time  


The food menu, classes and overarching energy of each retreat are all carefully crafted with reverence for the natural cycles of creativity. For example, in the summer we picnic barefoot, enjoying juicy, ripe watermelon and grilled fresh salmon (brushed with fresh local honey), whereas in November, we snuggle with hand-knit slippers on our toes, sipping hot homemade broth from our mugs. Here's an idea of what you might expect:

Photographing With Deeper Meaning 

Shooting for Black and White 

Black and White Editing 

Pentax K-1000 Camera Love

Polaroid Land Camera Love 

Restorative Yoga


Creative Writing

+ Others


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