The devil whispers, "You can't handle the storm." The warrior replies, "I am the storm."




1. Q: I bought the wrong pack. Can I have a refund? A: As stated in the shop, due to the digital nature of these products there are absolutely no refunds, returns or exchanges. 

2. Q: How will I know how to install my files? A: Each preset bundle comes with an installation .pdf that will walk you through the process. 

3. Q: My images aren't looking exactly like the sample images. Why? A: These presets were developed and tested on hundreds of images from a group of, what I think are, the best of the best photographers- all of which have very different styles. They should work with just about any lighting or color situation, however, they cannot fix a photo that was either improperly exposed or has other mistakes in-camera. Try fixing the exposure! 99.9% of the time, that's the issue (these presets intentionally don't touch exposure). If you're still not in love with your images, or, to learn more about shooting specifically for black and white success, I teach a 4 week online class called Foundations of Black + White through The DEFINE School. 

4. Q:What version of LR, or brand of camera, do I need? A: These presets were developed using the Adobe Standard Profile so they'll work with Nikon, Canon and other brands, and will work in LR 4 or newer. 

5. Q: Can I use these with Elements software? A: Nope. These bundles are only available for LR and ACR. 

6. Q: What is a preset? Will it work on my phone? A: Think of a preset as a locked-in recipe for editing in Lightroom and/or Adobe Camera Raw. When you apply a preset to an image, it will automatically adjust the settings, using the built-in recipe, to create a consistent edit. These recipes, or presets, do not come with an app or any phone editing systems, and only work in LR and/or ACR, but you can certainly edit a photo, save it, and then share it on any device. 

7. Q: Will there be other preset bundles coming from you? A: Oh, yes.